Rose Nylund
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Rose Nylund

The Golden Girls

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Living... in Miami after a storybook childhood in the strange town of St. Olaf, Minnesota. She recently moved in with a few other older women: Blanche, Dorothy and Dorothy’s mom Sophia.

Profession... grief counselor who’s in over her head after three decades as a housewife. In fact, she says she has “the highest suicide rate at the center.” She does better work helping people in her spare time as a volunteer at various organizations around town where the pressure isn’t so high.

Interests… playing music, fixing things around the house, volunteering all over Miami. She had a unique childhood in her small Midwestern town that taught her valuable skills as varied as plumbing and butter-churning.

Relationship Status...  widowed. Her loving husband Charlie died while they were having sex, making her wary of the activity Rose and her husband enjoyed the most in their years as a married couple. She eventually gets over it and re-enters the dating pool, finding a nice college professor to take her out.

Challenge... standing up for herself and not letting her naivety prevent her from experiencing all that life has to offer. She’s a kind, Midwestern woman who never learned to fight for what she wants. And she is often the most wide-eyed and gullible of her roommates, never in on the joke, always a step behind.          

Personality... loving, unsophisticated, curious. Though that curiosity rarely leads her to say yes to life – it’s more that she never knows what anyone is talking about. Usually her questions are met by sarcastic burns. But she still loves her roommates. They’re the best friends she’s ever had, and her innocence keeps them grounded.

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