Rosalyn Rosenfeld
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Rosalyn Rosenfeld

American Hustle

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About Her

Living… in a modest house with her criminal husband, Irving Rosenfeld, and her son, Danny. While Rosalyn is Danny’s biological mother, it is his stepfather, Irving, who shoulders most of the parental weight.

Profession… none. Rosalyn spends her time playing with her nails, watching TV, and ordering new gizmos out of catalogues. She’s essentially a trophy wife, living entirely off her husband’s money.

Interests… sun-bathing and drinking. Rosalyn stays inside most days, even though her husband encourages her to go out and make some friends. A toxic woman with social anxiety, Rosalyn does not want to expose herself to new people even though she seems to be desperately lonely.

Relationship Status… in a dysfunctional marriage to a conman, Irving Rosenfeld. The pair used to be madly in love, back when Irving thought that Rosalyn was mysterious, but then he learned that, “mysterious just meant depressed.” Rosalyn feels neglected by Irving, and knows that he’s having an affair with his partner in crime Sydney Prosser, but still can’t allow herself to let Irving go. Using the threat that he will never see Danny again if he divorces her, Rosalyn has Irving wrapped around her finger. She’s “better than any con artist I ever met, including myself,” Irving says, “and she has me like nobody.”

Challenge… struggling with loneliness. Rosalyn is damaged, afraid of the world, and determined to hold onto her relationship no matter how unfulfilling it is. She knows that Irving is having an affair with his business partner, but she’s still determined to hang onto her husband. Rosalyn is so dedicated to avoiding a divorce that she’s even willing to resort to blackmail, threatening to never let Irving see his son again if he leaves her.

Personality… manipulative, immature and lazy, Rosalyn has at least one undiagnosed, major psychological disorder. She is unstable, and will frequently jump from sweet to passive-aggressive to just plain aggressive within the span of one conversation. Childish and emotional, Rosalyn isn’t equipped to take care of herself, much less her son Danny. Even with her abundance of flaws, Rosalyn’s natural beauty and seemingly fun loving personality attracts plenty of suitors. 

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