Super Mario Galaxy

Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Grew Up... on Earth. Rosalina grew up a normal child on Earth. Occasionally, she would travel off into space to help lost star beings, called Lumas, find their way home. However, when her mother died, Rosalina left Earth for good.

Living... in the Comet Observatory. Rosalina and her Lumas all live in this massive floating space structure. From here she can see across vast distances of the galaxy and collects the knowledge in her library. With enough power, this home can even turn into a high-speed starship.

Profession... protecting the cosmos. Rosalina wields powerful cosmic magic, and along with her Lumas companions, she uses it to keep the galaxy safe from whatever threats may come.

Interests… caring for Lumas. Rosalina acts as a surrogate mother to the Lumas, caring for them until they mature and find their place in the universe as new stars or planets. Doing this helps her overcome her grief over the death of her own mother.

Relationship Status... single. Rosalina fled Earth and surrounded herself with Lumas not only to become a watchful cosmic protector, but also to isolate herself from other people.

Challenge... helping Mario. When Bowser’s latest plot to kidnap Princess Peach ends up with him taking her off into space, Mario needs help getting her back. Fortunately, with Rosalina’s galactic assistance, not even outer space is too daunting for Mario.                                                 

Personality... nurturing. Even if her own inner pain has left her closed off and distant, Rosalina is still an endlessly kind and helpful princess. As she says to anyone who needs to hear it, “May the stars shine down on you.”


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