Rosa Diaz

Rosa Diaz

    Brooklyn Nine-Nine
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Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Living... by herself in a New York apartment. Rosa is completely comfortable living alone and prides herself on being tough and self-sufficient.

Profession... detective for the New York Police Department. She is fairly new to the force but fortunately is in the same precinct (the 99th) as Detective Jake Peralta, a friend she made while going through the police academy. Their friendship remains strong and proves helpful in learning the ropes of the NYPD.

Interests... ballet. In contrast to what her harsh exterior would imply, Rosa is classically trained in ballet. But don’t ask her to demonstrate. Actually, to be safe, don’t ask Rosa to do anything.

Relationship Status... single. Rosa doesn't seem to be too interested in dating, seldom mentioning her love life. Though she is a source of intrigue for her co-worker Detective Charles Boyle, who has been very vocal about his interest in her. She has repeatedly rejected his date invitations, but she does seem to be warming up to him as a friend – or at least what passes for “warm” for Rosa.

Challenge... managing her anger. Rosa's primary defense mechanism is rage, immediately responding to any difficulty with confrontation. The other members of the precinct have been known to call her out on it but she usually threateningly responds to accusations with something to the effect of, "You think I have an anger problem? I don't. You are dead to me."

Personality... tough. Rosa instills fear in everyone she interacts with, which is a good thing as a detective on duty but not necessarily the best for relationships with her co-workers, family or friends. As Sergeant Jeffords puts it, "Anytime Mount Diaz erupts, everyone in the squad avoids her." Sometimes her peers feel maybe Rosa’s putting on an act, but test her at your own peril. For instance, she means it when she says, "It's my birthday. I hate birthdays. If you wish me a happy birthday I will punch you." Just ask the slow-witted Detective Scully, who dared express birthday greetings and promptly got slugged in the gut for his trouble. Hey, he can’t say Rosa didn’t warn him.


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