Rory Williams

Rory Williams

    Doctor Who

Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Living... happily, in the 21st century in the boring, sleepy town of Leadworth, England. Rory has a job he likes and a fiancée he loves, and the last thing he needs is a time-traveling alien to stir things up.

Visiting... all of time and space. Rory joins his fiancée Amy Pond and a time-traveling alien called the Doctor onboard the TARDIS time machine. As they travel from the ancient past to the distant future, Rory gets the chance to forge a new bond with Amy.  

Profession... nurse at Leadworth Hospital. Rory was born to help people and he channels that compassion into his life as a nurse. Once onboard the TARDIS, Rory’s medical skills often prove invaluable.

Interests... Amy Pond, Amy Pond, and Amy Pond. Though they started out as childhood best friends, Rory fell for Amy long before she developed feelings for him. Now that they’re official engaged, Rory can’t believe how lucky he is. 

Relationship Status... engaged to the love of his life. The only problem is Amy has developed a new passion for time travel – and maybe for the time-traveling Doctor.

Challenge... being worthy of Amy. Rory’s always worried he isn’t good enough for the woman of his dreams. “Basic fact of our relationship,” he explains to her, “is that I love you more than you love me.” Of course Amy doesn’t necessarily see things the same way, but Rory will do just about anything to prove his love and to keep her safe.

Personality... caring, awkward, and funny. Rory isn’t as bold as Amy or the Doctor, but he’ll step up to the plate when it’s time to protect the people he loves. He’s also eminently practical and often able to see the big picture, as when he explains to the Doctor: “You have no idea how dangerous you make people to themselves.” Amy is definitely the big personality in their relationship, and Rory is all too happy to be the quiet backbone. It’s one reason they are a good match.


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