Ronny Cammareri
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Ronny Cammareri


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About Him

Overview… a tormented Italian-American who spends his days slaving away at his family’s bakery. Ronny makes a living putting dough into a hot hole in the wall. He blames his brother Johnny for his troubles: “I have no life. My brother Johnny took my life from me.” To be precise, Ronny blames his brother for disfiguring his hand, which in turn caused Ronny’s fiancé to take up with another man.

Personality… tempestuous, tough, and romantic. He is heartbroken and sorrowful (yet he tends to be a bit melodramatic dramatic about it all). You wouldn’t know it from his gruff, manly appearance, but Ronny is a sucker for the Opera. It is particularly the Italian operas that seem to capture his stormy personality. 

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