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Ronna Martin


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About Her

Living… paycheck to paycheck. Ronna is desperate for cash at the moment. Living on her own has proved slightly more difficult than she’s expected. If she doesn’t get enough money together soon, she’ll be evicted.

Visiting… a drug dealer named Todd. When Ronna gets an opportunity to make some fast, easy cash in a drug deal on Christmas Eve, she approaches the infamous and unstable Todd.

Profession… supermarket clerk. In order to make the money she needs to stay in her apartment, Ronna has been taking on more shifts than she can handle. Overworked and underpaid, she decides to take the risk on this drug deal.

Interests… hanging out with her friends. Ronna spends her smoke breaks making fun of customers and complaining about her boss with her other jaded co-workers. Without much to look forward to in life, Ronna tries to take pleasure in the small things.

Challenge… finding Todd’s money. When Ronna’s amateur drug deal is botched, she finds herself being pursued by the hotheaded Todd.  

Personality… poker-faced and jaded. But Ronna isn’t quite as street-smart as she professes to be. The world of drugs, raves, and guns is all a bit over her head. If she doesn't think of something soon, this night could end very badly.

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