Ron Donald
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Ron Donald

Party Down

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About Him

Living... in Los Angeles, surrounded by people struggling to make it in Hollywood. Ron has some big dreams of his own, although they’re a little atypical by Hollywood standards.

Profession... team leader of the Party Down catering service. Ron takes his work very seriously, and is always striving for the highest level of customer satisfaction. Unfortunately, commitment to good service can only get you so far when you have a group of employees that could care less about catering, Ron, or the customers they serve. Still, Ron struggles in vain to keep his underachieving employees in check.

Interests... managing his very own Soup 'R Cracker restaurant. Ron’s dedication to Party Down stems from his desire to impress the catering company’s founder, who has promised to invest in Ron’s Soup ‘R Crackers franchise if Ron can prove himself an effective team leader. Running a franchise of a custom soup restaurant seems like a humble dream when compared to his coworker’s goals of super-stardom – but for Ron it’s the pinnacle of achievement.

Relationship Status... indifferent towards romance – he has "bigger fish to fry" than his love life. Still, while Ron has cleaned up his act, somewhere inside him is a legendary party animal that once made a “bong out of cheese.”

Challenge... dealing with his stress. Ron has a very hard time dealing with his anxiety-laden life. A former drug addict and alcoholic, the constant disappointment that accompanies running a Party Down catering team makes it hard to stay on the wagon. Despite his occasional lapses, Ron manages to stay positive and focused on the goals he has set for himself – but whether Ron’s dedication can overcome his persistent ineptitude remains to be seen.

Personality... persistent and optimistic but pretty clueless. Ron fights through his low self-esteem to keep moving forward and continue managing his catering team. Things seem to go wrong for him at almost every turn, but he always remains hopeful even after perpetual defeat and disappointment. In fact, he frequently insists that he will be a huge success within a few years. His dedication and sincerity in the face of strife are admirable, but his stupidity is not. Uncharismatic and bumbling, Ron is unable to get even a modicum of respect from any of his employees – which makes his dreams of running a successful Soup ‘R Cracker’s as unlikely as his employees' dreams of Hollywood stardom.

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