Roland "Wee-Bey" Brice
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Roland "Wee-Bey" Brice

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About Him

Living… in his West Baltimore apartment, where he keeps one room devoted to tanks of tropical fish, all of whom he has given names. Wee-Bey sees his pets as an element of simplicity in an otherwise complicated, cold, indifferent life. As he describes them, “Ain’t no problem, just beautiful as hell.”

Profession… confidant, driver, and chief enforcer to drug kingpin Avon Barksdale. Wee-Bey’s loyalty over the years have earned him a comfortable living and assurance that his family will be provided for financially if he goes to prison. Wee-Bey is the first person Avon turns to when he needs someone killed, and the last person he’s worried will flip on him if offered a deal by the police. As Avon says, “Wee-Bey is hard like a rock.”

Interests… taking care of his fish, and pit beef sandwiches with extra horseradish.

Relationship Status… non-binding. Wee-Bey only has one constant woman in his life: De’Londa, the mother of his 14-year-old son Namond. Though this does not mean that he’s a kept man – he sleeps with as many women as he likes. That’s fine with De’Londa, who uses the money he gives her to stock a closet full of designer clothes and fur coats. Wee-Bey’s son Namond still holds a high opinion of him, too. In fact, he wants to drop out of school and sell drugs just like his father.

Challenge… staying alive and/or out of prison. For Wee-Bey, the constant specter of death is an occupational hazard, and he is at peace with this. He finds himself in shoot-outs more often than he’d like, and although he’s been lucky so far, he’s seen many of his colleagues in the game get slain on the street. Prison is always a real possibility, but not one that frightens him much.

Personality… fearless, vigilant, and loyal. Basically, everything a good solider should be. Wee-Bey murders (generally when directed) without thinking twice, but this doesn’t necessarily make him a sociopath. With his friends he is quite down to earth and amicable, and with his fish he is doting and dedicated. But if Avon gives an order, Wee-Bey follows it, period.

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