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Roger Rabbit

Who Framed Roger Rabbit

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Grew Up… in Toon Town, where cartoons live like normal people—well, not exactly “normal” people. Roger Rabbit spends enough time hitting himself in the head to produce little cartoon stars that no one would consider him normal, exactly. Toon Town is a place where Acme and other cartoon filmmakers come to cast toons like Roger in their pictures, rather than simply draw them as you might expect. These toons are living, breathing workers—even if some of them only get paid in peanuts (we’re looking at you, Dumbo).

Living… on the run from Judge Doom’s squad of weasels. Roger insists he’s been framed for the murder of Marvin Acme, head of the Acme cartoon corporation. Roger swears he didn’t do it—but the only way he can think of to clear his name is by employing toon-hating private detective Eddie Valiant, who is about as happy to see Roger Rabbit as he would be to clean Roger’s dirty laundry.

Profession… professional cartoon star. The year is 1947. Roger Rabbit is the star of Hollywood classics like the Maroon Cartoon animated shorts, featuring Baby Herman. But Roger might be all washed up. Demanding directors and dangerous stunts – including a run-in with a plunger to the face – definitely aren’t making things any easier on Roger.

Interests… finishing rhymes, fluttering his lips, singing, and kissing people on the cheek. Roger is an all-around cartoon of a character. If there’s fun to be had, he’s there to have it.

Relationship Status… married to Jessica Rabbit, one of the sexiest toons around. No one can really believe a little rabbit like Roger scored such a hot dame, but she swears by him as her “honey bunny,” and loves him “more than any woman has ever loved a rabbit.” Alas, Roger now fears Jessica is cheating on him. Maybe everyone who ever said she was too much (toon) woman for Roger was right.

Challenge… proving his innocence. In order to do so, he has to solve the mystery of who really killed Marvin Acme. This task will bring him and Eddie Valiant all over Hollywood and Toon Town in a desperate chase for survival and justice.

Personality… bubbly, loud, expressive, emotional, and depressive. Roger Rabbit has felt every emotion known to man – and then some. He has no problem being injured on camera, letting shock, awe, fear, and joy flash over his face at a moment’s notice. It’s all in a day’s work for this toon star. In the end, it’s his love for his fellow toons that ends up driving him to do the things he does.

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