Roger Murtaugh
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Roger Murtaugh

Lethal Weapon

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About Him

Living… in Los Angeles with his family, trying to avoid a midlife crisis. Roger is generally a solid and steady family man, but turning 50 – as he just did – can be enough to give any man pause. Still, he’s in excellent shape for a 50-year old, and there’s a simple solution for his graying beard: shave it off.

Profession…. sergeant with the Los Angeles Police Department, for which he has served for 20 years. Previously, he fought in the Vietnam War, serving in the 173rd Airborne Brigade. Roger is a by-the-book homicide detective who doesn’t want any trouble, especially as he nears retirement. Unfortunately, he’s just been partnered with a younger and much more volatile detective, Martin Riggs.

Interests… a leisurely morning bath, a well-groomed moustache, and his fishing boat.

Relationship Status… married to his loving wife Trish. Together they have three children – Rianne, Nick, and Carrie – and a cat, Burbank. All in all, it is a storybook family. Murtaugh usually has no trouble compartmentalizing work and family… usually. But things are about to get very complicated. It’s not all Riggs’ fault, but he certainly isn’t helping – until he turns out to be quite an asset indeed as things get more dangerous.

Challenge… not getting swallowed up by an explosive case. While investigating the death of Amanda Hunsaker, the daughter of his former Vietnam War buddy, Murtaugh discovers that her apparent suicide was, in fact, a homicide. Further digging reveals a connection to a previously unknown heroin-smuggling operation run by former soldiers. Though Roger and Riggs do not like each other initially, they must pool their collective grit and wit to take down the cartel.

Personality… steady and responsible, but tough when the situation demands it. At first, Roger seems to be counting down the days until retirement. One of his favorite sayings is: “I’m too old for this sh**!” But they say adversity reveals character, and when Roger is pressed – and especially when his job might harm his family – he shows the ability to rise to the occasion. All in all, though, he’d rather be home taking a nice bath.

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