Roger Ferris
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Roger Ferris

Body of Lies

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About Him

Living… on the battlefields of the Middle East. Roger will go wherever he needs to in order to capture and kill the terrorists who seem intent on destroying Western civilization.

Visiting… Jordan. After a botched attempt at capturing the infamous terrorist Al-Saleem in Iraq, Ferris has been reassigned to Amman. That’s where Saleem is believed to have a safe house.

Profession… CIA case officer. Roger describes himself as “the man on the ground.” All of his bosses, including Near East division chief Ed Hoffman, are still in Washington D.C., monitoring his every move via drones, camera and other surveillance mechanisms.

Relationship Status… involved with a nurse named Aisha. He met her while recovering from wounds suffered on the battlefield. Aisha’s family, Iranian refugees living in Jordan, are skeptical of the brusque American, who refers to the war in Iraq as a mere “situation.”

Challenge… figuring out who is double-crossing whom. Ferris is getting lost amidst all the secret spying and backstabbing happening between his boss Ed Hoffman in D.C. and the director of Jordanian intelligence, Hani Salaam. In truth, Roger is beginning to get fed up with these war games. As he tells Hoffman, “I’m here, Ed, every day. And I see the unnecessary travesties of this war.”

Personality… tough but highly-strung. Roger believes in what he’s fighting for, but he thinks that there’s a limit to how far he should go. The ends don’t always justify the means for Ferris.

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