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Roger Davis


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Living… in a run-down apartment in New York with his best friend Mark. Even though the place has no electricity because they don’t have enough money to pay rent, Roger rarely goes outside. His friends Tom Collins, Angel, and other acquaintances often come to visit, so he’s not too lonely.

Profession… unemployed, although he’s still trying to write a song. He was formerly a “pretty boy front man” of a rock band that was actually pretty successful.

Interests… protesting against paying rent, burning his sheet music.

Relationship Status… single. His girlfriend got AIDS and killed herself a while back, leaving Roger with commitment issues. But that doesn’t mean other people aren’t interested in having a relationship with him. Mimi, who lives downstairs, certainly likes to flirt with him.

Challenge… to write a glorious song before he dies of AIDS. Realizing that time is running out for him, Roger is fixated on making sure that his life was not empty. However, he is stuck in a funk, having just quit heroin six months ago and struggling to come to terms with the death of his girlfriend. Will music be enough to save him?

Personality… moody, defensive, and desperate. Roger is dragging a lot of baggage with him, and it’s weighing on his emotions. After being hurt deeply once before by his girlfriend, his instinct is to push people away before they get too close, so he won’t be hurt again. But, even beyond the need for self-preservation is his desire to write “a song that rings true” as proof that his life was not meaningless.

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