Rodney Ruxin
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Rodney Ruxin

The League

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Living... in a large house in Winnetka, Ill., with his wife, Sofia, and young son Geoffrey. Ruxin (please don’t call him “Rodney”) spends most of his time with his close friends Kevin, Pete, Andre, Jenny and Taco, the main members of their fantasy football league, strategizing and obsessing over the game.

Profession... product liability attorney. Ruxin is not one to separate his personal and professional life. That is to say, he is just as slimy and divisive with his friends in normal social situations as he is in the courtroom.

Interests... trash-talking. In a fantasy football league filled with loud-mouthed, old-enough-to-know-better adults constantly putting each other down, Ruxin is king of the insults. He is notorious for being utterly offensive and rude to any and all. His taunts can be as overt, such as, "It's amazing how pointless and terrible your analogies are." Or sarcastically jabbing, such as pointing out the reason the figurine on Andre’s league championship trophy is missing its “manhood”: “Oh, because it's anatomically correct.”

Relationship Status... married to Sofia. Ruxin concedes that he “outkicked his coverage” in landing the beautiful Sofia, so he must work double-time to keep her satisfied. The problem is, Ruxin doesn’t like to work very hard, on his marriage or on being a father. In fact, one reason he wants to hold on to Sofia is to keep his parenting duties to a minimum: "If Sofia and I split up, 50% of my time, I would have to spend 100% of my time with my kid. Right now, I'm rocking, like, 50% coverage 30% of my time."

Challenge... not letting the league kill him. As many of the league other members do, Ruxin takes his fantasy football team very seriously. But Ruxin’s the only one who suffers a stress-induced stroke because of it. Being passionate is one thing, but having a stroke seems like a red flag to back off just a little. Of course, the fabled “Shiva” trophy for league champion would really spruce up a tombstone.

Personality... paranoid. Ruxin thinks all of the other members of the league are plotting against him. He often tries his best to nip it in the bud: "I know you guys are planning something, so don't. Because I am watching you." Then again, just because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean people aren’t out to get you, and sometimes league members are in fact scheming to bring Ruxin down. Which just makes him more paranoid. It never ends.

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