Rod Tidwell
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Rod Tidwell

Jerry Maguire

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About Him

Grew Up… with a big family. Rod’s family has its own personal by-word: “kwan.” By his own estimation, “it means love, respect, community... and the dollars too. The package. The kwan.” 

Living… with his big family, including his wife Marcee, children, and basically some siblings as well, since they’re always around. Every day is a family gathering in the Tidwell house. All Rod needs now is to rise to greater things. He’s a wide receiver for the Arizona Cardinals, but he’s having trouble getting his name truly out there. He wants his agent, Jerry Maguire, to help him do just that. He wants to hear Jerry say it: “Show me the money!”

Profession… wide receiver for the Arizona Cardinals. Rod has always been in love with football, but now it’s more than a love, it’s a job, and he wants to really keep food on the table for his family. Even more, he wants to really be somebody.

Interests… money, family, “kwan,” and his agent Jerry Maguire, with whom he has a roller coaster of a relationship, from love to hate to love and all the way around again.

Relationship Status… married. His wife Marcee is a committed and loving wife. But she hates to see him go out onto the field, where the opposing team wants nothing more than to crush Rod’s head in.

Challenge… climbing the career ladder. Rod must inspire Jerry to take him up to the next level. He wants to be in shoe commercials, car commercials, all the big ones. He doesn’t want to keep getting shoved to the side of all the best deals.

Personality… loving, ecstatic, and emotional. Rod is the kind of man who wears his heart on his sleeve, when he even wears sleeves. He enjoys going shirtless and after a shower opts to “air dry” instead of using a towel. He has his quirks, but for all of his idiosyncrasies, one thing is sure: Rod Tidwell is “a valuable commodity.” Someone needs to “show [him] the money!”

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