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Robin Quivers

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About Her

Grew Up… a member of the US Air Force. Robin graduated from the University of Maryland with a major in nursing. Though she only served on active duty briefly, Robin remained a member of the Air Force Reserve even after beginning her work in broadcast radio.

Living… alongside one of the biggest personalities in radio, Howard Stern. Robin started on his show in Washington, D.C. as an on-air news anchor, but soon she became an essential part of Howard’s act. Robin plays something of a straight man to Howard’s wacky personality.

Profession… radio personality. Though she started as a news anchor, she becomes the yin to Howard’s yang. When executives try to fight Howard by firing Robin, Howard rebels against Robin’s replacement until they let her come back on the air.

Interests… radio, avant-garde humor acts, and raunchy radio segments. Her taste in radio matches Howard’s, and she’s been with him every step of the way, from his insistence on having the first naked woman on radio, to his tirades against “Pig-Vomit” – their straight-laced boss, Kenny Rushton.

Relationship Status… single. Robin has had a number of relationships over the years, but nothing too serious.

Challenge… balancing out Howard’s act. Without Robin, Howard would be a wild man on the loose, without any rational person to keep him tied to the ground. Robin is the voice of reason, often questioning his zany ideas when they don’t ring true to her.

Personality… crude, level-headed, and confident. She might appear to be the uptight, rule-following army-type at the outset, but Robin’s bright, vivacious personality shines through on air. And her lasting relationship as Howard Stern’s co-host only brings out her wackier side more with every year.

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