Robert Yeagar
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Robert Yeagar

The Inglorious Bastards

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About Him

Living… on the frontline in occupied France. Lieutenant Yeagar is, ostensibly, a soldier trying to recapture Europe from the Nazi’s— though he hasn’t been doing much fighting as of late.

Visiting… a prisoners’ camp near Ardennes. Lt. Yeagar has been sentenced to death for his crime of desertion. 

Profession… pilot. As one of his commanding officers says, he’s “one of the best fighter pilots we’ve got.” Yeagar would have been one of the most successful pilots in the war if it weren’t for the fact that he’s been spending his time flying across the channel to spend time with his girlfriend in England.

Interests… anything but the war. Yeagar, an officer in the air force, isn’t as interested in fighting the Germans as his status would imply. He just wants to get out of the warzone in any way possible.

Challenge… make it to neutral Switzerland, where he’ll be free from the war. After escaping from the convoy to Ardennes during a Nazi attack, Yeager and a handful of other prisoners have found themselves on an odyssey throughout Europe. As he understands his task, “I have an obligation to these men. I promised them I would take them to Switzerland, and that’s what I will do.”

Personality… the strong, silent type. Lt. Yeagar is a man’s man. Despite his unwillingness to fight, he has proven himself to be a tough soldier when the situation has called for it.

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