Robert Thorn
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Robert Thorn

The Omen

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About Him

Grew Up… primed for success. Robert Thorn inherited millions from his wealthy and well-connected father. He was sent to an extremely prestigious boarding school, and even shared a room with the future president of the United States during college.

Living… in a mansion in London. Robert works for the state department and has moved around constantly, but is finally prepared to settle down in London with his wife and new son, Damien.

Profession… diplomat. Robert Thorn has recently landed his dream gig as the US ambassador in Britain.

Relationship Status… married. Robert has known his wife since they were children, and loves her dearly. She’s a fragile woman, prone to panic and depression, and has spent ages hoping for a child to give her life meaning. She suffered two miscarriages before her most recent pregnancy, which ended in the birth of a stillborn child. Afraid that the bad news might push her over the edge, Robert hid the fact that the baby was born dead and adopted an orphaned child, passing it off as his own.

Challenge… unraveling the mystery surrounding his son. Damien isn’t much like other boys; he’s icy and cold, and almost never gets excited. He didn’t even flinch when his childhood nanny hung herself during his sixth birthday. As Damien’s behavior grows increasingly bizarre and cruel, Robert Thorn begins to look into the past of his mysterious adopted son – and finds that he’s much, much more dangerous than the average child.

Personality… responsible, confident, and determined. Robert Thorn has never failed at anything his entire life, and he isn’t going to start now. He’ll go to almost any lengths to protect his wife and son – although he’s never considered what he would do if called upon to protect his wife from his son.

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