Robert Prewitt
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Robert Prewitt

From Here to Eternity

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About Him

Grew Up… in Kentucky.

Living… in O’ahu, Hawaii, where he just moved to from Fort Shafter. He was bitter about being passed up for a promotion at Fort Shafter that he felt he deserved, so a transfer to Hawaii sounded like just the ticket.

Profession… soldier, training as a private in a rifle outfit. He is a talented bugle player and even played taps at Arlington National Cemetery once.

Interests… anything but boxing. He used to be a great middleweight boxer, but he retired his mitts for good after blinding his closest friend in the ring a year ago. Somehow the new captain, Captain Holmes, got wind of his boxing talents and desperately wants Prew to join his boxing team. When Prew refuses, the captain promises to make his life a living hell.

Relationship Status… single. He has been frequenting the New Congress Club with the other soldiers on leave to meet women. It’s a gentleman’s club, and it’s supposed to be a classy place. But with soldiers as its main clientele, things can get a little crazy. It was at the New Congress Club that Prewitt met Lorene, a “hostess” at the club. Prewitt is attracted to her, but he is not even sure Lorene is her real name. And Lorene says she doesn’t want to be with an Army man.

Challenge… overcoming Warden's determination to destroy him since he won't fight for Captain Holmes. Prew has many courses of action, but all of them seem doomed. As bad as this situation is, it is about to get worse for him. He is stationed in Hawaii near Pearl Harbor in December 1941.

Personality… independent, stubborn, and a bit of a loner. With strong convictions, he has a strong code he lives by. And he won’t back down to anyone if he thinks he is right. As Prew says, “A man don't go his own way, he's nothing.”

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