Robert Neville
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Robert Neville

I Am Legend

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About Him

Living… as the last man on earth. Robert Neville was a medical scientist who helped engineer a modified strain of measles that was designed to cure cancer. Unfortunately the Krippin Virus (as it came to be known) mutated and spread through the human population – killing 90% of people and causing another 9% to regress to a state of primal aggression. It’s been years since the surviving infected began to hunt down and kill those immune to the virus, and Robert appears to be the last man standing.

Profession… survivor and military virologist. Robert’s world is bleak. His family was killed during the outbreak and he now shares Manhattan with the infected, who are violent and essentially insane. Still, he has not given up hope. Robert spends his days experimenting and trying to find a cure that will allow him to transform the monstrous infected back into humans.

Relationship Status… widowed. Robert was married with a son but his family was killed during the outbreak. Now there’s no one on earth left to have a relationship with. The only surviving figure in Robert’s life is his dog, Samantha.

Challenge… finding a cure for the mutated strain that causes human to become violent and develop an aversion to sunlight. Robert moves through the city during the day, when the infected have to hide indoors in order to avoid exposure to the sun's UV radiation. He gathers supplies and samples, and does whatever he can to have a little fun and keep from losing his mind. A brilliant scientist, Robert has a better chance of discovering a cure than anyone else would – but it’s still a long shot. Robert knows it’s likely that he won’t live long enough to restore humanity.

Personality… depressed, lonely, and guilt-ridden. Robert lives his life amongst the ruins of a world he helped destroy. He has no human companionship, lives in constant danger, and knows that he will most likely be killed before he can atone for his sins. But he has never been a quitter. Despite the enormous array of threats that surround him, Robert perseveres in his search for a cure. While he’s focused and task-oriented, he’s far from cold. Robert is a tender and gentle man who rarely gets to express his loving side in a world torn asunder.

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