Robert Langdon
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Robert Langdon

The Da Vinci Code

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About Him

Grew Up… experiencing tragedy. Robert fell down a well when he was young which left him with crippling claustrophobia, and his father died a few short years later.

Living... in Cambridge, Massachusetts. But his work takes him all over the world.

Visiting... Paris. He came for a lecture on Religious Symbology at the American University in Paris, but he’s about to find so much more.

Profession... professor of Religious Symbology at Harvard University. Robert is a prestigious professor at Harvard and the author of many books on symbols like The Sacred Feminine.

Interests… decoding ancient religious symbols and doing the New York Times crossword puzzle. And that’s with a pen.

Relationship Status… single. But that’s not his focus right now. There is some mutual attraction between Robert and a beautiful and brilliant police cryptographer, Sophie Neveu, who is also working on the case. She was raised by her grandfather, Sauniére, and is determined to find his killer.

Challenge... solving a mystery related to the murder of Jacques Sauniére, the curator of the Louvre. Sauniére was shot inside his own museum and found naked with his body posing like the Vitruvian Man, a painting by Da Vinci. He was covered with symbols and numbers, apparently written in his own blood. Robert was told by the police that they need his help interpreting the symbols. However, he quickly becomes the police’s prime suspect in the murder since they found a note by Sauniére that said “find Robert Langdon.” Scared to death, he is forced into a quest to clear his name and solve the mystery.

Personality… honest, reserved, nerdy, and brilliant. Robert seems more at ease with puzzles than with people. Nevertheless, was named by Boston Magazine as one of the city’s Top 10 Most Intriguing People.


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