Robert Halloway

Robert Halloway

    Sylvie’s Love

Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Grew Up... in Detroit with a single mother. Though his mother came from rough beginnings, she always encouraged Robert to go after his dreams. Once she died, Robert decided he had nothing to lose, and took his mother’s advice to try to make it in the world of music.

Profession... musician. Robert’s whole life is dedicated to music. Though various things seem to sway his momentum, Robert wants to become a famous jazz musician. He is part of a band called The Dickie Brewster Quartet, which has a long-term gig at the Blue Morocco night club. Though a sideman, Robert is considered the group’s star. 

Relationship Status… involved with Sylvie. He works with her at a record shop, and there is instant chemistry between them. They are involved in a passionate affair, but it can never last. Unfortunately, Sylvie is engaged to someone else who is serving in the Korean War. Robert wants her to be happy, even if he can’t be in her life.

Challenge... becoming the next John Coltrane. Robert is an incredibly talented musician, and he is on his way up. He realizes that it’s up to him to make his dreams come true. As he says, “it’s not in the stars to hold our destiny, but in ourselves.”

Personality... quiet, ambitious, and talented. Robert rarely puts himself out there like other guys. He is humble when it comes to his great qualities, and he will give up the limelight to make others happy. Sometimes, Robert’s quietness stems from his own insecurities. His self-image disables him from being his own advocate.


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