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Living... through his creations. Years ago, Ford and his partner Arnold dreamed up an expansive western theme park called Westworld. The immersive park is filled with realistic animatronic “hosts” created by Ford and Arnold. After Arnold’s death, Ford threw himself even more obsessively into his work.

Profession... creative director of Westworld. Though Delos Incorporated handles the day-to-day operation of the park, Ford remains an important figurehead for the company. For the most part he focuses on pet projects and leaves host creation and maintenance to his protégé, Bernard Lowe. But Ford still has a vested interest in Westworld. As he puts it, “It's not a business venture, not a theme park, but an entire world. We designed every inch of it. Every blade of grass. In here, we were gods.” 

Interests... his robotic creations. Though Ford harshly chastises those who humanize Westworld’s animatronic hosts, he seems to consider himself above that rule. He’s been known to have a drink and a chat with one of the retired hosts from time to time.

Relationship Status... single. Ford is too invested in his work to have time for romance.

Challenge... creating a brand new narrative for Westworld. Although Ford is something of a recluse within the company, he makes a rare public appearance to announce his plans for a brand new narrative. Sick of the violent, sex-filled storylines his writers dream up, Ford announces he’s working on a new kind of Westworld story. Exactly what that might be, however, is something only Ford knows.

Personality... private, hyper-intelligent, and arrogant. Though Ford can seem calm and thoughtful, he has an arrogant, egotistical side as well. He can be charming when he wants to be, but at his heart he’s a misanthrope. He’d rather isolate himself than interact with people he thinks are lesser than him. As he puts it, Never place your trust in us. We're only human. Inevitably, we'll only disappoint you.”

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