Robert Chase
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Robert Chase

House M.D.

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About Him

Living... in New Jersey. An Australian by birth, Chase attended a Catholic seminary before deciding to become a doctor.

Profession... cardiologist. Chase is a member of Dr. Gregory House's special diagnostic medicine team at Princeton-Plainsboro Teaching Hospital. (Virtually everyone at the hospital is referred to primarily by their last name.) Chase has the most amicable relationship out of his colleagues with House, feeling a good deal of admiration towards to him, unlike most everyone else's standard sense of displeasure.

Interests... playing by the rules to reach success. Chase, also unlike many of his colleagues, is quick to listen to the authority figures at the hospital (especially House) regardless of whether or not he initially agrees, largely out of respect for their authority. It does put him in a good place in the eyes of his superiors, but also leads him to some dangerous territory when potentially unethical practices are being conducted.

Relationship Status... single, but attracted to his colleague Dr. Allison Cameron. Unfortunately Cameron has a thing for House, which seems unlikely to end well (or start well, for that matter). In time Chase takes to asking Cameron out once a week. Perhaps his persistence will pay off.

Challenge... learning to become a leader. Although he may benefit in many ways from his aforementioned "respect for authority" mindset, Chase can come off as a follower who cannot make decisions for himself. This can be a good way to operate as far as advancing at the hospital, but the idea of following blindly has even led to accusations that obeying House's commands has made him "unable to see right or wrong and not see the sanctity of human life." Chase must improve on thinking and doing for himself, and then inspiring others to follow him for a reason other than titles and seniority.

Personality... loyal and kind. Chase cares greatly about his work and the impact it has on people, displaying a high level of sincerity and genuineness in it as well as all other facets of his life. As is his intent, his loyalty goes a long way in the way he is received by the people around him.

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