Robert Barone
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Robert Barone

Everybody Loves Raymond

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About Him

Living… in his younger brother Raymond’s eternal shadow, across the street from him, with their parents. He gets grief for living with his parents, but what about their grief, if he ever left? Plus, where would he do his laundry?

Profession… a New York City police officer for over 20 years. Robert puts his life on the line every day, and nobody’s interested. Meanwhile Ray tells someone he’s a sports writer and they want to know all about it. It’s not even like sports writing is that glamorous! They don’t even give you a gun!

Interests... dancing. Nothing about his 6-foot-8 frame, demeanor, personality, or past would suggest that Robert would have any interest in dance, never mind serious skills. But it’s his secret weapon – Robert can tear up a dance floor.

Relationship Status… divorced and intermittently single. It’s always on-again, off-again with Amy. It’s definitely not over for now. If only he could just settle down like Ray. Strippers get tiring.

Challenge… living up to his younger brother Raymond. Raymond is his parents’ pride and joy, especially for their mom Marie. Robert is the boomerang child who barely ever left, and the “surprise” who hastened his parents’ marriage in the first place. He’s got a lot to be proud of, but in his eyes, it’s nothing compared to what Ray’s got. As Robert put it, “I'm a cop and live with my parents. I'm on a constant diet of human suffering.”

Personality… jealous. Robert can’t get a break – or at least the kinds of breaks his brother gets. Let Robert tell it: “Everybody loves Raymond. I go to work, people shoot at me. Ray goes to work and people do the wave. Then he sits down, has a hotdog, doodles on a piece of paper and they give him a trophy.”

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