Robbie Hart
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Robbie Hart

The Wedding Singer

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About Him

Grew Up… without his parents. Robbie’s mother and father passed away when he was only ten years old. 

Living… in his sister’s basement in Ringfield, New Jersey. Ringfield is the same town in which he grew up. It’s a great place to raise children, which he was planning to do with his long-time girlfriend, Linda, until they broke up recently.

Profession… wedding singer at Ridgefield Banquet Hall. Robbie once nursed dreams of being a rock-star (he used to lick the microphone a la David Lee Roth with his old band, Final Warning). He loves singing, so it’s too bad he doesn’t have a good voice.

Interests… the music of the 1980s. Robbie loves it all, from Van Halen to the Cure.

Relationship Status… heartbroken. Robbie loses his faith in love after Linda leaves him standing at the altar alone. The once optimistic Robbie can’t stand to sing other people’s weddings. “Love Stinks!” he finds himself screaming.

Challenge… getting back in the dating scene. Robbie has been harboring a crush on his coworker, Julia. They have developed a great friendship, but he fears it can’t be anything more than that. The kind-hearted Julia is engaged to a narcissistic hotshot named Glenn.

Personality… generous and sweet. Despite his rock n’ roll music interests, Robbie believes in traditional values. He just wants to meet someone, settle down, and start a nice family. He’s a true romantic at heart.

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