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High Fidelity

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Grew Up... heartbroken. Around age 13, Rob had his first heartbreak when Alison Ashworth started sitting with Rob’s best friend after kissing Rob for a few nights. Rob learned at that time that relationships can be horrible, devilish things, and he never grew out of that fear.

Living… alone, after a recent breakup with Laura, who was supposed to be the love of his life. Rob's only "friends" are his employees, Dick and Barry, though he hates them with a passion, and refers to as the “musical moron twins.” The only thing Rob really has in common with them is that they all love great records and hate bad records, and by association they hate the idiots who like bad records.

Profession… owner of his own record store. Rob doesn’t seem to be too concerned with actually selling records, though. When Barry runs dumb customers out of the store, Rob occasionally gives him props, while other times he berates Barry for ruining their customer base. You might say Rob is an inconsistent store owner.

Interests… Barry White, punk, rock, making lists, and ruining his relationships. Rob is more interested in hobbies than in people, saying, “I agreed that what really matters is what you like, not what you are like... Books, records, films – these things matter. Call me shallow but it's the f-ing truth.”

Relationship Status… single, again. He had thought he might marry Laura, but after a long time just thinking about it and not really doing it, the two of them drifted apart. And now Laura is staying with this wormy guy named Ian. Rob can’t help but stalk her, even though she tells him to stop talking to her.

Challenge… solving his woman problems. This task isn’t easy, and will require Rob to delve into his past. He’s recounting his top five heart-breaks, and even attempting to reconnect with them in order to find out what exactly went wrong.

Personality… depressive, sarcastic, and careless. Rob doesn’t usually take things very seriously, and as a result, his life ends up not being very serious. But he’s usually allright with that, mostly because he doesn’t take failure very seriously. Mainly, he’s just lazy, and tired of trying too hard in life and love. Or maybe he hasn't been trying hard enough. Whatever he's been doing, it hasn't been working.

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