River Song

River Song

    Doctor Who

Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Grew Up… without a family. Raised by her kidnapper, Madame Kavarian, River Song was trained to be an assassin. River spent the majority of her earlier life hunting down her learned enemy: the Doctor. Whether with her signature blaster or poisonous lipstick, River knows how to get the job done.

Living… in the 52nd century… imprisoned. This doesn’t stop her from frequent escapes to explore the universe. By the will of the world, River Song often winds up crossing timelines with the Doctor and his companions. The only problem is that when two time travelers intersect, their memories don’t line up. So while River may remember a remarkable excursion, the Doctor will be none the wiser, the event still in his future. For River Song, this timeline conundrum doesn’t stop her from adventuring.

Profession… former assassin, archaeologist, and writer. River has a degree in archeology, and not only for an interest in fossils. A time traveler leaves his mark on moments in history, and tracing those forgotten moments could lead River Song right to him.

Interests… travel, clever breakout plans, and journaling her adventures in a TARDIS-shaped diary. 

Relationship Status… complicated. Each adventure with the love of her life is only counting down to the day she will be another unknown face he has to save. Without him, she holds herself strong as a professor, an archaeologist, and a hero. But with him, she has a partner, an equal to her like no other. For River Song, it will always be a race against time. She’ll face it with a smile on her lips and a “hello, sweetie.”

Personality… fun and flirty. River Song is known for her quick wit, confidence, and stubbornness. She always seems one step ahead of everyone, and maybe she is. Her expertise in both the intellectual field and extraterrestrial matters impresses those around her, and she’s more than a woman with a gun. She’s a woman with two guns.


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