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Character Analysis

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Overview… a woman dying to let loose. Now Rita’s cousin, Lillian, is getting married, and has asked her to be a bridesmaid. Which is great, because Rita really needs to take a break from her life. Three kids and a husband are way too aggravating for any one woman to deal with, right? (At least this woman, anyway.) Rita’s looking forward to some pampering. The only problem is that Lillian’s other bridesmaids keep messing things up, and at this rate, they’ll find some way to ruin the wedding.

Personality... cynical, straightforward, and unashamed. Rita doesn’t mind sharing anything about her family, or her sex life, but she’s not positive about any of it. She feels completely uninterested in most of her life, but she’s done a lot, so she has wisdom to share with the less experienced, like her new friend and fellow bridesmaid Becca. Maybe this wedding will give her a chance to revamp things, find a new passion.


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