Rita Vrataski
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Rita Vrataski

Edge of Tomorrow

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About Her

Living… through a global war to defend mankind. Rita is a highly decorated soldier – they’ve nicknamed her “The Angel of Verdun” for her heroism on the French battlefields – in a war that pits the human race versus a highly intelligent crew of alien invaders.

Visiting… the training grounds at Heathrow airport, now a military operating base. When she’s not fighting the vicious aliens, called “Mimics,” she’s training her reflexes in a perilous obstacle course of deadly machines.

Profession… soldier. “I volunteered,” she tells her colleage Major William Cage, “I’m not walking away.” While the general public knows her as The Angel of Verdun, her fellow soldiers prefer the more accurate (and less decorous) moniker, Full Metal B****.

Relationship Status… none. Rita doesn’t have time for relationships – she’s in the middle of a battle to save humanity. As she tells Cage, “I do not need to get to know you. And if you knew what was good for you, you wouldn’t want to get to know me, either.” Truth be told, she’s carrying around a few emotional wounds along with her various battle scars.

Challenge… helping Major Cage fight his way toward victory. Rita and Cage share a secret – they may hold the key to defeating the Mimics and winning the war. The only problem is that everyone else thinks that they’re crazy. Well, that’s one problem, anyway. Another is that Cage is relatively inexperienced in combat and has technically already died, but when he finds himself in a time loop, Rita hopes to whip him into fighting shape until they can figure out a way to turn the tide against the Mimics.

Personality… tough, cold, and impersonal. Rita isn’t a fan of talking. She prefers to get straight to the point and avoid any emotional connection. Yet her skills as a warrior are unmatched. And her emotional distance is very understandable given that she’s fighting for her life, and the survival of humankind.

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