Rita Harrison Williams
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Rita Harrison Williams

I Am Sam

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Overview… a high-powered and high-strung Beverly Hills attorney with a lot to prove. Rita Harrison seems to have it all. Her stylish good looks, her flashy car, and her tangible ambition make her seem intimidating to her colleagues and family. But the sad truth is that her husband is cheating on her, her son resents her, and her clients are high-maintenance and spoiled. Rita begins to learn something basic about the human heart when she meets Sam, a mentally challenged adult whose case she takes on pro-bono. 

Personality… fast-talking, high-flying and far too busy. Rita is the kind of Hollywood lawyer who lives for work and nothing else–­ not that she’s proud of this arrangement. Her ambition has driven her away from her family, a fact that she has trouble admitting to herself. Although she talks tough, she may be more tender than she realizes. 

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