Rinoa Heartilly

Rinoa Heartilly

    Final Fantasy Series

Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Grew Up... in the Galbadia Republic. Rinoa is the daughter of singer Julia Heartilly and Fury Caraway, a powerful general of the military dictatorship Galbadia. After her mother died, Rinoa took her last name and became estranged from her father.  

Living... in Galbadian-occupied Timber. In an attempt to atone for the imperial atrocities committed by her country, Rinoa goes to cities occupied by Galbadia, like Timber, trying to help them resist.  

Profession... resistance fighter. Rinoa is part of Timber’s group of freedom fighters, the Forest Owls. They work together to try and free the country from the tyrannical Galbadian government.

Interests… her dog. Rinoa has a strong bond with her dog Angelo. She will even bring her into battles to help out. 

Relationship Status... in love. After forcing SeeD mercenary Squall Leonhart to dance the waltz with her at the inauguration ball, Rinoa begins to fall deeply in love with him. Although her warm  and teasing idealism clashes with his bitter, cold apathy, they soon realize that they need each other. As she says, “Squall, you're the one who gives me the most comfort. Comfort and happiness... and annoyance and disappointment, too!”

Challenge... putting her privilege to good use. Rinoa is very ashamed of her connection to Galbadia’s campaign of terror, so she wants to use all of the advantages she has been given to help others. However, with Squall, she discovers that her skills and desire for freedom are needed for an even bigger fight against Ultimecia, the time sorceress. Rinoa wants to fight for others, but can she make any headway against such titanic threats?                                                                                                    

Personality... compassionate. Rinoa is kind, friendly, and a little bit naïve. However, as a freedom fighter, she is no pushover, and can also be pretty stubborn. Her passion is infectious, affecting even her most detached friends. 


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