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Grew up… with magic in his veins. Unfortunately, being born into wizardry doesn't mean he's good at it– last time he checked the records, his highest score at Unseen University was a 2%.

Living… in his own words, "continuously." Despite the number of sorcerers, monsters, barbarians, and general cosmic forces trying to kill him, Rincewind hasn't died yet, and he intends to keep it that way. Part of this can be attributed to his fantastic skill at running away, but a larger part is probably due to being favored by the Lady, Discworld's most powerful deity and the goddess of luck.

Profession… wizard, but only technically. He might technically be an alumnus of Unseen University, Ankh-Morpork's school for wizardry, but considering Rincewind's poor grades and lack of anything resembling magical potential, it's a wonder how he got in to begin with. Still, that doesn't prevent from proudly emblazoning his red, threadbare hat with the word "wizzard."

Interests… his own skin: screaming for it, running for it, and mostly decidedly keeping it. Though his conscience occasionally prods him into shows of heroism, Rincewind would generally rather be an alive coward than a dead hero. As he puts it, "You've only got one life but you can pick up another five causes on any street corner."

Relationship Status… single. Rincewind is generally running from pretty women, not towards them– though really, that doesn't signify much, since he runs away from everyone, on general principal. Plus, ever since an unfortunate incident involving a deserted island and several nubile women, Rincewind's come to associate sex with potatoes...

Challenge… staying alive. Rincewind might have the favor of the goddess of luck, but that also puts him in direct opposition to Fate. And while the Lady might ensure he stays alive through anything Fate does, Rincewind would rather skip past the nearly dying bits onto the living ones.

Personality… cynical, cowardly, and constantly prepared for the worst. Due to his many near-death experiences, Rincewind has come to believe he has "pre-emptive karma". To elaborate: "If it even looked as though something nice was going to happen to him in the near future, something bad would happen right now." Pessimistic? Certainly. But sadly for Rincewind, also painfully accurate.

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