Riley Blue

Riley Blue

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Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Grew Up… with a loving family. Riley’s favorite memories are of her father playing the piano.

Living… in London, after fleeing her tragic past in Iceland. Unfortunately, her troubles aren’t over. Recently, Riley has gotten mixed up with drugs and a bad crowd.

Interests… music. Riley is an amazing DJ, and she can always be found with a pair of headphones on.

Relationship Status… recovering from her last relationship. However, Riley may be tentatively starting something new with Will Gorski, a member of her telepathically connected Cluster.

Challenge… outrunning her bad luck. Somebody once told Riley that she was afflicted by a curse that would cause her loved ones harm if she stayed in Iceland. After things go fatally wrong, Riley takes this warning to heart, leaving her homeland and vowing to never return. 

Personality… quiet and traumatized, yet mysteriously compelling. As her friend puts it: “There’s two reasons to go to Iceland: the Aurora Borealis and Riley Blue. One is a natural phenomenon so beautiful it will blow your mind and the other is just some pretty light in the sky.”


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