Riley Matthews

Riley Matthews

    Girl Meets World

Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Living… in New York City with her father and history teacher Cory Matthews, her mother Topanga, and her sibling Auggie Matthews. Their home is a comfortable gathering place for Riley’s friends, some of whom don’t have a stable home life.

Profession… student at John Quincy Adams Middle School, where she excels in her classes. Riley is full of deep thoughts. For example, when she is assigned to report on her cultural heritage in school, she says: “Once upon a time, Riley Matthews lived in New York City, and because of that, she lives everywhere. That's my story. I have a story.”

Interests… purple cats, Lucas Friar, and cheerleading.

Relationship Status… single. Though Riley is head-over-heels for the new kid in class, Lucas Friar.

Challenge… growing up. Riley and her friends are entering the real world, learning independence from their parents, and making their own decisions. Along the way, Riley hopes to make great friends, become as cool as her friend Maya, and even sneak out to take the subway. Riley has always cherished her friends above all and hopes that this stage of life can be a learning experience for all of them.

Personality… naive, optimistic, bubbly, and awkward. Riley is a carbon copy of her father Cory, and she shares the same unchecked optimism and lofty ideals. Riley is friendly and looks for the best in people. Luckily, her friends are always there to protect her.


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