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About Him

Grew Up... on Planet Zebes. Ridley’s early life is unknown, but after joining the Zebesian space pirates, the fearsome purple space dragon quickly proved his worth and rose up the ranks.

Living... on the lam. As a key member of one of the most powerful, and most wanted, organizations in the galaxy, Ridley is constantly on the run. Whether it’s avoiding the authorities or finding new planets to plunder, he is never in one place for too long.

Profession... space pirate general. Ridley is one of the most respected commanders of the space pirates and often directly leads the group. The only members that outrank him are supreme rulers like Mother Brain.

Interests… collecting Phazon. While under the influence of Dark Samus, Ridley was compelled to collect Phazon, a powerful but unstable mutagen that transformed him into the even more dangerous “Omega Ridley.”

Relationship Status... single. Little is known of Ridley’s species. His childhood phase seems to involve frequent shedding of previous bodies. But Ridley only cares about prolonging and improving his own existence with tools like cybernetic implants, not mates. 

Challenge... surviving Samus. Ridley killed Samus Aran’s parents while she was a child. Little did he know this would set her on a path towards becoming the strongest bounty hunter in the galaxy, as well as his most persistent, lethal foe.                                                                            

Personality... sadistic. Despite his monstrous appearance, Ridley is quite articulate. However, he does have a monstrous appetite for death and destruction. Some even call him the “Cunning God of Death.” As he says to his plentiful underlings, “Kill as much as you want! Have fun!”

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