Ricky Roma
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Ricky Roma

Glengarry Glen Ross

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About Him

Living… in Chicago, in his office.

Profession… real estate salesman. Rickysell stocks, bonds, objects of art, and real estate.  He’s successful but is facing a crisis at work. Last night some burglars came into the place and took the typewriters, the leads, the cash, and the contracts. It was someone on the inside, Ricky’s sure of it. He also knows people will be pointing fingers at him.

Relationship Status… a mess. As he says, “I don't know what it is about love that utterly confuses me. I don't know…Some broads, forearms on your neck, something her eyes did. These things can destroy your life. And what is life? It's looking forward or it's looking back.” He is clearly too cerebral and wired to commit to a relationship right now.

Challenge… trying to salvage the deal with Lingk. He’s the senior vice-president American Express who committed to a deal with Ricky, only to pull out at the request of his wife. Ricky has sold a lot of land to this guy in the past, and he’s sick of Lingk’s sentimentality. If anything, he wished Lingk were more of the stereotypical Company Man.  What kind of man lets his wife talk him out of the biggest deal of his life? 

Personality… gritty. Ricky isn’t afraid to get his hands dirty. He has a startling amount of insight into people’s motivations and fears. He uses these purely for his own benefit. He knows wealth isn’t what drives people. People want to feel secure, sure that they’ll be okay tomorrow. Ricky knows that feeling never comes for the certain kind of buyer, and he exploits that. 

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