Ricky "Jupe" Park

Ricky "Jupe" Park


Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Grew Up… as a child actor, known for playing Jupiter on Kid Sheriff, the popularity of which would give him his nickname. He was also on the short-lived sitcom called Gordy’s Home, which was shut down following a deadly outburst from the chimp that played the character of Gordy. Witnessing that was traumatizing, and he hasn’t acted since then. Ricky is still close to Mary Jo Elliot, his co-star from Gordy’s Home, who was also his very first crush. 

Living… in Agua Dulce, California, with his wife and two kids. 

Profession… owner of Jupiter’s Claim, a western-themed amusement park inspired by the show Kid Sheriff, which had first given him fame. 

Interests… himself, spectacles, and money. Ricky’s life revolves around the image he has curated around the fame he’s had in the past, and he is constantly chasing the next interesting thing to profit from.

Challenge… succeeding with his business. The Star Lasso Experience will be his newest exhibit, which will feature the most dangerous and awe-inspiring performer yet. It will be nothing like anyone has seen before. As he tells the audience, "What if I told you that today you'll leave here different?"

Personality… charismatic, ambitious, and self-involved. His ambition makes him prone to reckless and questionable decisions, one of which is his choice to make money from the memorabilia of a show that traumatized him. On top of that, the new exhibit has questionable safety measures. 


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