Ricky Bowen

Ricky Bowen

    High School Musical: The Series

Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Living… in Salt Lake City, Utah. Ricky has been living primarily with his dad, as his mom has been going to Chicago frequently for business.

Profession… student at East High, which is the school used to shoot the High School Musical movies. Ricky doesn’t understand the appeal of musicals: “I just think it’s weird when people, like, burst into song in the middle of the street.”

Interests… skateboarding, sports, and hanging with his friends. 

Relationship Status… single, but desperate to win his ex-girlfriend Nini back—even if it means auditioning for the school’s dreaded production of High School Musical to be with her. Nini came back from summer vacation with a new boyfriend, which made Ricky realize how much he cares about Nini. But when they were dating, Ricky couldn’t say “I love you” back to her.

Challenge… being vulnerable and serious. Ricky needs to work through his issues with commitment and intimacy, and develop into a serious, mature person who doesn’t just fool around all the time. Perhaps joining the cast of High School Musical will help him achieve this. 

Personality… snarky, cocky, and determined, Ricky tries to be loyal to those he loves. While sometimes his own pain can get in the way of his happiness, he is a genuine person.


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