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Rick Flag

Suicide Squad

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About Him

Living... wherever his missions may take him. Right now Rick is serving as the right hand man of ruthless intelligence operative Amanda Waller.  

Profession... Army Special Forces officerA West Point graduate, Rick Flag is a proud to serve in the armed forces and takes his responsibilities very seriously. Even when he doesn’t agree with Waller’s methods, hloyally follows her orders. When someone points out that Waller is mean, Rick notes, “You get used to it.”  

Interests... all-business Rick doesn’t have time for hobbies.  

Relationship Status... dating Dr. June Moone. But their relationship is more than complicated. June shares her body with a malicious 6,000-year-old witch named Enchantress. To stop Enchantress, Rick would have to kill June, and he lives in fear of having to make that choice.  

Challenge... managing Task Force X. And that’s no easy gig. The task force is made up exclusively of volatile supervillains like Harley Quinn and Deadshot. Though they have explosives implanted in their neck that Rick can detonate if they misbehave, it’s still a challenge to keep his “suicide squad” in line. Especially because he finds their selfish villainy despicable. As he tells Deadshot, “I'm a soldier! And you're a serial killer who takes credit cards. When the shooting starts—and it will—you'll cut and run.” 

Personality... sturdy, stoic, and serious. Stern Rick has little patience for the unruly villains under his command. He’s been trained to follow orders without question, and he gets frustrated when others don’t pay him the same respect. But away from his job, Rick also has a softer, more vulnerable side, and he’s deeply protective of those he loves. 

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