Rick Blaine

Rick Blaine

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Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Living… as an American in Casablanca, Morocco, in the midst of World War II. Because the city is relatively peaceful, both “unhappy refugees" and "the scum of Europe ha[ve] gravitated to Casablanca.” Coming for the waters, Rick was only slightly misinformed about the city's desert landscape.

Profession… manager of Rick’s Nightclub. It’s chic, expensive, and possesses an air of sophistication and intrigue— in other words, it's full of rats. Everyone goes to Rick's: Europeans in their dinner jackets, their beautifully begowned and bejeweled women, Moroccans in silk robes, Turks wearing fezzes, Levantines, naval officers, members of the Foreign Legion. Rick has carved out quite a niche for himself as the proprietor of this upscale nightclub and gambling den. 

Relationship Status… secretly nursing old wounds. He once found love in the arms of a young woman named Ilsa, and when she left him without warning, a bitter Rick decided to bury his emotions so as to never be hurt again. With the whole world crumbling around them, Ilsa walks in his life again. Ilsa's a lady that chanced into his life at exactly the wrong time twice. As he muses, “Of all the gin joints in all the towns in all the world… she walks into mine.”

Challenge… figuring out a way to Ilsa and her beau Laszlo safe. Rick’s tried getting them train tickets to Marseilles, but Ilsa insists they’re doomed. Everybody's after Laszlo, and now Rick’s got to go out of his way to keep him alive. Rick's adamant that he doesn’t stick his neck out, ever — but he’ll do it for Ilsa’s sake. So when Ilsa unexpectedly returns to his life with her resistance-fighting husband by her side, Rick has to decide what’s most important – reuniting with his former flame or helping her cause. 

Personality… suave and tough as nails, but a softie at heart. While Rick claims he’s neutral when it comes to world politics, his actions indicate otherwise. Whether it’s helping a young couple win the money they need for travel papers or subtly supporting the efforts of the French resistance, Rick never gives up on his principles. if there’s one person who can handle an impossible situation with grace, it’s Rick.


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