Richie DiMaso
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Richie DiMaso

American Hustle

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About Him

Living… in NYC, with his demanding mother and bland fiancé. Richie is frustrated with his mundane circumstances, and feels destined for bigger and better things. 

Profession… FBI agent. So far, Richie’s career has been unremarkable, but he’s determined to put himself on the map. Now that he’s taking the lead in an investigation that could result in the arrests of top-ranking mafiosos and US Congressmen, Richie knows that he could be a few gutsy moves from making it big.  

Interests… himself. When Richie isn’t working a case in the hope that it will make him famous, he’s curling his hair or otherwise preening himself to look better. Richie’s need to be respected and adored is pathological in its intensity. 

Relationship Status… engaged, although Richie doesn’t seem particularly attached to his bride-to-be. Instead, he focuses his romantic energies towards Sydney Prosser – the elegant, sexy, conwoman that Richie caught running a loan scam, and subsequently coerced into helping him with his “Abscam” investigation.

Challenge… earning the world’s respect. After a lifetime of getting looked over, Richie believes that he’s finally found an opportunity to set himself apart – his new investigation promises to tie prominent politicians to the mob, resulting in a bevy of high-profile arrests that would make Richie an FBI legend. However, politicians and mobsters build their careers by keeping their secrets. In need of all the help he can get, Richie turns to Irving Rosenfeld and Sydney Prosser, two recently arrested con artists, to help with his sting operation. Immersed in a world of hucksters and hustlers where everyone is out for themselves, Richie will have to keep his wits about him if he hopes to keep the investigation under control and his body out of the dirt.

Personality… manic and excitable, Richie bubbles with a constant restless energy. He believes that he’s capable of anything, and is totally unwilling to heed any appeals for the exercise of caution or delicacy. Prone to short-lived fits of obsession, Richie’s dedication to the “Abscam” case is so intense that it makes him appear visibly unhinged. Unpredictable, and possessing a dangerous amount of ambition, Richie will do whatever it takes to make his unremarkable life exceptional.

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