Richard Webber
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Richard Webber

Grey's Anatomy

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About Him

Living… at the beginning of his golden years in Seattle. Dr. Webber, though he’s in good health, is beginning to see himself as the sage of Seattle Grace hospital. As he puts it, “You get to a point in your life when you realize you have more yesterdays than tomorrows.”

Profession… Chief of Surgery at Seattle Grace Hospital. The hospital staff affectionately refer to him simply as “Chief.” But many who do so don’t know about his past struggles with alcohol. Being a surgeon is stressful, and Dr. Webber was prone to binge-drinking to balance himself out. He eventually quit drinking, but constantly craves the release that vodka once gave him. In his words, “Drinking feels a little bit like all I have left.”

Interests... none. Being Chief of Surgery at a major hospital doesn’t leave much spare time for hobbies, if he even had any.

Relationship Status… married to Adele Webber. Adele and Richard have had a tumultuous marriage, which has only been exacerbated by Richard’s dedication to his job and the many hours spent away from home. Years ago, he also fell in love with his former colleague and star surgeon Ellis Grey, the mother of Seattle Grace’s current intern, Meredith Grey. That’s a lot of scar tissue for one relationship to overcome.

Challenge… being a recovering alcoholic. He used to turn to alcohol to deal with his stress and sadness, but he's given it up. 

Personality… strong, stoic, and wise. Richard has been around Seattle Grace for a long time, and he’s seen a lot of horrific things. He believes that one should suffer in silence. In his words, “A man should get to bleed in peace.”

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