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Richard Jones


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Living… in San Diego, California. Richard lives with Susan, his wife, and their two children, Debbie and Mike. They used to be a close family, but ever since the loss of their third child, Richard and Susan have been struggling for answers.

Visiting… Morocco, with Susan. Richard and Susan trying to escape their problems, to “forget everything.” A trip to a far-off land was supposed to help heal their relationship, but it seems to have come with its own set of problems.

Interests… travel. Richard's the one who suggested the trip to Morocco, after all, and he's also organized a sightseeing tour for the two of them while there.

Relationship Status… in a strained marriage. Susan and Richard have drifted away from each other after the sudden death of their third child. The two can’t find a way to communicate, and both have misdirected the blame on the other.

Challenge… saving Susan’s life. After she is injured in what appears to be a terrorist attack, Richard and others on the tour bus are trying their best to communicate with local Moroccan villagers in order to save Susan’s life.

Personality… anxious and stressed out. Richard, a white-collar man from California, has found himself in the middle of a foreign country trying to care for his wounded wife. He’s angry and confused, but also determined to keep Susan safe at any cost.

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