Richard III

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Richard III

Richard III

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About Him

Overview... the hunchbacked brother of the recently deceased king of England. Richard is now on the throne, and he's determined to keep it that way. But he’s never been especially popular, and his actions of late – murdering his half-brother, marrying the widow of the man he killed, and locking his own nephews in the Tower of London – have done nothing for his public approval rating. He's done a pretty good job so far, however, of framing others for his crimes. Still, it's anyone's guess how long Richard's lies will hold.

Personality... power-hungry, manipulative, and cunning. Despite his atrocious actions, Richard has enough superficial charm that few ever see his true nature. But although nothing can excuse the evil of his actions, it's hard not to admire the (evil) genius of Richard's plots.

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Richard III
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