Richard Fish
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Richard Fish

Ally McBeal

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About Him

Living… in Boston alone. He says he is happy to live alone for the rest of his life. The last thing he would want is a bitter marriage like his parents had.

Profession… one of the founding partners at Cage and Fish. Unlike his awkward law partner John Cage who is a serious legal mind, Richard is a smooth operator who loves to win at any cost. As he says, “You want to bankrupt somebody? Cost him everything he's worked for? Make his wife leave him, even make his kids cry? Yeah, we can do that.”

Interests... coming up with cynical and witty phrases about how to live life that he coins “Fishisms.” Here’s one example: "Never trust second thoughts. Next thing you know there'll be a third and a fourth. You'll be thinking forever!" Indeed, they are words to live by. 

Relationship Status... single. Richard often seems to be more excited by his balance sheet than other women. For companionship, he prefers older women like Judge Cone (who is decades older than him) they are less likely to pressure him to get married. And he also has a thing for “wattles”, which is his word for wrinkles around the neck. Though he may have found his match in a young female lawyer at the firm, Ling. She may be even more ruthless than he is. What a turn on!

Challenge… making as much money as possible – “Heaps. Big piles.”

Personality… cynical. Richard is a cutthroat, overwhelmingly egotistical human being. Yet he’s just self-aware enough to make it look charming. But can he possibly be as shallow as he seems? With Richard, anything is possible.


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