Richard "Dick" Hickock

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Richard "Dick" Hickock

In Cold Blood

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About Him

Overview… a lost soul. Dick grew up poor in Kansas City, and he’s been in and out of jail since his wife left him. He writes his ol’ jail buddy Perry Smith about “a cinch – the perfect score.” He got a tip that a farmer by the name of Clutter keeps a safe in his house with $10,000 in cash. And so, with Perry at his side, Dick heads to the remote town of Holcomb, Kansas, to pay the Clutters a visit. Robbery and murder: it’s the perfect crime.

Personality… callous, impulsive, sociopathic. Dick is almost completely devoid of any decency – at any given time he’s either swearing, swigging, lying, or stealing. He has no conscience to temper his evil thoughts. As he tells Perry, killing for no reason – “that’s the best reason of all.”

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Richard "Dick" Hickock
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