Richard B. Riddick
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Richard B. Riddick

The Chronicles of Riddick

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About Him

Grew Up… the sole heir to the warrior legacy of the exterminated Furyan race. Riddick was somehow whisked away from the Necromonger attack that wiped out every other member of his kind. He started to get into trouble at a young age, and was educated in the penal system as he bounced between youth detention centers all over the galaxy.

Living… on the frozen, desolate world of U.V.6, which is a terrible vacation spot but great for evading bounty hunters. Riddick is on the run, and he has been for almost his entire adult life. He has a habit of angering powerful people – people who post incredibly lucrative bounties on Riddick’s head. Recently, someone has offered 1.5 million UDs for his capture. Riddick doesn’t know why, but he’s sure as hell going to find out.

Profession… wanted man. You could call Riddick a professional criminal, but he hasn’t committed a crime aimed at accruing wealth or status in years. No, Riddick’s long list of crimes (mostly murders) are almost all a result of him trying to escape goons that are trying to collect the massive bounty on his head. Staying ahead of his captors is a full-time job, and one that Riddick excels at.

Interests… violence, mayhem, and unlikely escapes. Riddick lives life like a hunted animal, constantly dodging disaster. He seems to enjoy killing and hurting his pursuers, but does not delight in violence directed towards innocent people.

Relationship status… unattached, for good reason. Riddick has spent his entire life alone, claiming to have learned that “there’s no such word as ‘friend.’” The person he is closest to is Jack, a young woman who he protected when they both crash-landed on the desolate and dangerous world of M6-117. But Riddick hasn’t seen her in years.

Challenge… kill or be killed. Riddick’s incredible aptitude for violence attracts attention, envy, and revulsion, and creates a self-perpetuating cycle of carnage. His reputation is significant enough that he is forced into conflict no matter where he goes. In a world that constantly reinforces the Darwinian lesson of “survival of the fittest,” Riddick continually proves that he’s at the top of the food chain.

Personality… merciless, pragmatic, and incredibly violent. Riddick has spent most of his life under the label “psychopath.” While it’s true that he exhibits little in the way of human emotion, and has no remorse for the people he’s killed, he does not kill for fun and pleasure. A better characterization of Riddick would be a survivor – someone who will always do whatever it takes to keep on living, no matter how brutal and horrible. The fact is, if Riddick was any less ruthless, someone would have killed him a long time ago.

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