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Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Grew up… in Mexico. The hot and dry climate in which she was brought up is indicative of the level of intensity which she exudes. She often alludes to something of a regal past, although, it is safe to say that Reyna has never been a benevolent ruler.

Role… duelist. One-on-one engagements are Reyna’s forte, thus her role on the battlefield is simple: take out the enemies. When she is on her game, Reyna can wipe out entire teams nearly all by herself.

Interests… inflicting pain on others. Reyna has a sadistic side to her personality. She possesses the ability to cloud the vision of enemies leaving them vulnerable to be picked off. And upon killing them, she possesses the ability to drain the life from them for her own gain, as well as the ability to momentarily phase out of existence. However, this only satisfies her for so long as she will soon after be searching for more victims to devour.

Challenge… being a team player. Because Reyna’s abilities are so dependent on accumulating kills, if she is off her game, and unable to win her one-on-one matchups, she will offer very little help to her team. It is essential for Reyna’s marksmanship to be locked in or else she will prove nothing but dead weight for her team.

Personality… confident, powerful, and cruel. Reyna undeniably views herself as above the rest, and she is not afraid to let everyone know, whether verbally or through her actions on the battlefield. In her words, "If I act superior, it's because I am.” And anyone who has encountered Reyna at her most vicious will have a hard time refuting that claim. Selfish and independent, Reyna is not much of a caring leader, however, her combative prowess still leads her to command respect from her teammates. She pairs well with teammates that will allow her to do her own thing, and that offer utility that can give her the upper.


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