Star Wars Series
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Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Grew Up… all alone after being abandoned on the planet Jakku.

Living… on Jakku, where she leads a mostly solitary life. It’s a desert planet, so there isn’t really much to do, besides look at the old abandoned ships and listen to legends about the Jedi.

Profession… scavenger. She finds parts on the old ships and then barters prices for them in the market. When First Order stormtroopers attack her and her new friends Finn and the droid BB-8, their escape onto the ship Millennium Falcon might bring on a new career for Rey as a fighter and a pilot for the Resistance.

Interests… stories about the Jedi, piloting ships, and learning how to handle some powers she’s just learning she might possess.

Relationship Status… single.Whether surviving on Jakku or fighting the First order, Rey doesn’t have much time for love. She’s found a new friend in Finn, but he’s really just a friend… for now.

Challenge… fighting the First Order while also waiting for the day that her family returns to her. Rey is independent, but she also hopes to know where she came from.

Personality… stubborn, headstrong, and loyal. Rey has a very strong sense of right and wrong, ready to help her friends with her generous spirit and to battle against the sinister First Order. Rey is scrappy and strong; she’s adept at fighting for herself.


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